About us

Tenuta EnGi is managed by the Cordioli-Palmieri family made up of Enrico, Giada, Enea and Gioele.



The cottage was born over the years as the main home of the family. Initially it was a simple country house with a stable and a barn.

It is then bought in by a journalist from the newspaper “Life in the countryside” used as his main home. Being alone he only used the ground floor and had not restored the building.

In the house was purchased by the Feltrini-Castellani family who decided to make the cottage their main home. In love with the location, they invest their savings to renovate the building. Over time they also create an apartment in the barn which is then given to Graziella (Giada’s grandmother) as her main home. Over the years, the Feltrini-Castellani family, for personal reasons, despite the good memories lived in this beautiful place, decides to sell the estate. After a few years Enrico and Giada, in love with the place and driven by the good memories lived in this estate, decide to buy the property to give the opportunity to experience wonderful emotions, in this magnificent location, also to other people and fill the place with pleasant memories .